Top 10 Book Reading Gadgets that Every Bookworm Must Have

No doubt, reading is fun. It makes you think outside the box to discover yourself. With a temporary escape from the materialistic world, books shape your personality as well. As a regular reader, you might experience some discomfort like backaches or neck pain while reading books for long hours.

We are here to introduce some best items for book lovers that should be added to a blissful reading spot for a nice and unique look. These book reading gadgets will make your reading period more relaxing and delightful.

Book Reading Accessories that help you make reading comfortable!

1. JUMMICO Reading Chair

JUMMICO Recliner reading Chair

A very first need of a reader is a relaxing chair. This adjustable recliner chair is wrapped with high-quality fabric for better comfort. If you want to switch between different sitting positions while reading, this recliner is for you with 3 possible shapes. You can easily relax your legs in a comfortable position as this chair comes with an adjustable footrest.

When you are done reading or napping, it is very simple to assemble it back without any additional tools. This convenient recliner is suitable for a study room, living room, or bedroom.

The main thing that makes this chair perfect for book readers is its adjustable soft thicker back. The recliner’s back can be easily adjusted from 90 degrees to 165 degrees to read your favorite books in a good posture with no back pains.

The only thing that buyers noticed as a minor flaw is its size. This is not a very big recliner. Especially if a person is very tall, it’s a little hard to get comfortable in a short recliner. But overall, it is a good chair. Price is hard to beat, So for the price, it’s totally fair.

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2. A+ Book Stand

A+ Book Stand BS1500PRO Book Holder

A+ book stand ensures that their stands are of premium quality which is very useful for readers in multiple ways. As a book lover, you can’t stick to one position during the whole book reading accessories session. This wooden book stand offers different angles and ergonomic height adjustments.

This book stand can hold large textbooks and is designed to prevent neck strain. Moreover, if you have already adopted a poor posture, the use of this stand can help to improve your posture by providing relief to your shoulders and neck. You can easily switch positions to avoid eye strain or a bad headache. It is a handy gadget with multiple uses.

Buyers find it a great multipurpose book holder. According to them if your book is up to 1000 pages, this standstill works well. They highly recommended this stand. A minor flaw is that if your book is too wide, then it might not fit in the stand perfectly. However, this stand is good for normal to big-sized books.

3) VekkiaBed Rest Pillows for Reading

Vekkia XXL Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

It is not necessary to sit on a chair to read books. Some people love reading books in bed before sleeping. This bedrest pillow is perfect for book-reading accessories in bed as it has a higher and softer back.

It promotes a healthy and relaxing reading period. This husband pillow is designed to relax your whole back, neck, and shoulders as well. If you are suffering from back pain while reading, this pillow is the best choice for you.

The concealed zipper makes it simple to add or remove foam for extra comfort. It comes with a removable cover so washing is not a big deal. This bed reading pillow provides complete support to your back while sitting up in bed. This pillow comes with a carrying handle so you can easily take it anywhere.

It is huge and soft like a giant Teddy bear. Buyers find it so supportive for the neck and lower back. The pillow comes with extra stuffing. You can add or remove it easily as the cover has a zipper.

4. FlipKlip Book page opener

FlipKlip Treadmill Book Holder

This page holder is the must-have gadget for hardcopy readers. Thus, it provides a complete hands-free reading experience and allows you to eat and drink some coffee when reading a book.

It can easily clamp on your books. It works effectively on thick books as well. You don’t need a single finger to hold the page. FlipKlip Portable Book Page opener is equipped with soft vinyl fingers to hold your book page gently.

In order to turn the page next, pull the page from under the vinyl finger on one side. If you want to do multiple jobs while reading, you just have to clamp this holder on the page you want to read.

It is FlipKlip is a lightweight and easy-to-use page holder. For positive outcomes, clamp the holder at the bottom of your book. It is more effective and opens your book widely. When you are done reading, place it on the outside of the book.

Buyers have not complained about a single thing yet. It is a flawless book page holder. They find it very simple to use without any kind of page tearing.

4) The Book Seat Pillow book holder

The Book Seat - Book Holder and Travel Pillow

The book seat pillow book holder is like a travel pillow. When you place it on any kind of surface, it molds itself to the shape of the surface like water.

Readers can take maximum advantage of this book holder. It can be used as a travel pillow. Place your book on this pillow, and enjoy hands-free reading. The fabric of the pillow is soft and durable. It is available in different colors.

This is the best book holder for readers. Buyers have no issue with the bookholder. It’s very simple to use. They highly recommended this holder. Even it works great for heavier and larger books.

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5. Gooseneck Kindle stand

Gooseneck Tablet and kindle Holder

If you use any kind of e-reader plus love to read in a bed, look at this e-reader stand. Besides kindle. if you read on your iPad or cellphone this stand allows a variety of compatibility options. 

This stand is equipped with a screw-on base that allows it to clamp anywhere you want to read. It comes in such a unique design. The arm of the stand is leather-wrapped and fully supportive. To reduce bounce and wobble at touching the screen, try to loop the neck arm that closes to the bracket into the “S” Shape. It adds more support to the stand.

If you are an e-reader or a kindle user then the Gooseneck would be your best companion. Besides kindle, if you read on your iPad or cellphone this stand allows a variety of compatibility options. It is a perfect kindle pillow pad for those who read in bed or sofa.

To reduce bounce and wobble at touching the screen, try to loop the neck arm that closes to the bracket into the “S” Shape. It adds more support to the stand.

Flippy Kindle pillow pad

Flippy Kindle and Tablet Pillow Stand

Flippy is such a soft stand for your, iPads, and smartphones. This best kindle holder comes with 3 different Viewing angles, just flip it until you get the best angle. It comes with a nice side storage where you can keep small book reading gadgets like reading glasses, handsfree etc.

Buyers love the design. It is best for playing games on Ipads or reading books in a relaxing environment at night.

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Reading glasses for men

ThinOptics Universal Pod Rectangular Reading Glasses

ThinOptics ensures comfortable and lightweight glasses with a soft grip. These great reading glasses are ideal for book lovers. When you use your regular armed glasses while reading in bed, you must experience ear irritation. These armless glasses are a better option for bed reading. The bridge of the frame is flexible and allows you to fit it on your nose perfectly. Due to this, there is no risk of glasses falling when you move your face a little.

It is not a replacement for armed glasses. It is only good if you just have to stay in one place. Falling off is another minor issue with nonarmed glasses.

They are satisfied with it. These glasses are very useful when in bed reading. It is very quick and easy to put them on and take them off. The lenses and frame are made of high quality. However, some buyers find the middle bridge not that durable.

9. Book light

LED Clip On Reading Light

No one wants to damage their health after reading books. But if you keep reading in dim light, it can affect your vision. This portable lamp is for those readers who want to read books in enough light for visual clarity.

You can easily bring this tiny gadget with you everywhere. It is equipped with a clip on the base so you can clamp it at any object to illuminate the surroundings and make your reading experience much better. LED lights in the lamp provide a reader flicker-free light. Moreover, it comes with glare-free eye protection.

Users are so impressed with the sleek design of the lamp. The lamp is well-designed and easy to use. The best part is its rechargeable battery. The brightness of the light is great and can be adjusted between different modes. The clip-on base is sturdy enough to sit on its own. Another amazing feature of this lamp is an adjustable gooseneck arm that allows for 360 degrees of rotation.

10. Lazy reader glasses

vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles Horizontal Mirror Lazy Readers Glasses

These glasses are perfect for lazy readers. A lot of people like to read in their beds. In order to do so, they have to put a pillow inside their head or back. It is such fatigue and after some time, you might feel discomfort.

These incredible horizontal reading glasses are the best solution for this problem.

You just have to lay flat on your bed, and put these glasses on to see your book without holding it over your head. The Brand of these glasses ensures comfortable wearing with high optical quality.

These prism glasses can be worn over your prescription glasses. The exterior is not made from common plastic. The advanced plastic of these glasses won’t affect your skin. It is very helpful to read books by sleeping straight in bed which prevents neck strain and back pain.

Buyers appreciate the quality of the glasses. Just take the pillow out from behind your head. Put these amazing glasses on and enjoy reading. Buyers are really impressed with the sturdy construction of these glasses.

The only downside is that they are a little heavy and the user might get imprints on their nose or face after wearing them for too long. Overall a good product with excellent optical quality.


To sum up, that was the list of all the cool and useful gadgets for book readers. Some of you might get to know about new book reading gadgets that take anyone’s reading experience at another level of comfort. These all are reader-friendly gadgets. You can go for any gadget that we mentioned above. Make sure to consider your needs and interests.